Welcome to the Haemophilia Foundation Australia youth website. This site was created by young people, for young people.

Thousands of young people in Australia have bleeding disorders or are close to someone who does.

This site has been created to talk about life, being young and having a bleeding disorder.

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AGED between 13-30 have a BLEEDING DISORDER, carry the GENE or are a sibling of someone who does? Then why not?

Get some seriously good information

Ask questions, even ones you’ve been too embarrassed to ask

Take part in competitions

Comment on other peoples stuff



Ask any question
want & have it
answered by an

Ask a

Look at questions other people have asked & see
the answers

Answers to
your questions

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World Haemophilia Day 2016: International
17 Apr 2016 - 17 Apr 2016

Watch this space for Factored In’s next competition!

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