Jul 242016

Youth Session at the WFH Congress


Time: 2:30 PM

We were lucky to host the last WFH Congress in Melbourne, which allowed many of us Australians to make it. This year’s Congress is a little further away in Orlando, USA, but if you’re lucky enough to attend there’s a session just for young bleeders. This Congress’ youth session is on Sunday 24 July from 2:30-5pm, just before the opening ceremony. The focus is all about transitions, such as from paediatric to adult care, from community member to young leader, and even from pre-diagnosis to diagnosis. The last topic is one I’m going to be presenting on!

If all of that doesn’t entice you to come along, the session will end with an opportunity to socialise with other young bleeders - right at the beginning of the week we will have a chance to make new friends before a week of sessions and social activities.

Looking to plan your sessions out before arriving (aside from the youth session on Sunday of course!)?

View the schedule.

I hope to see you on Sunday 24 July in Orlando!
 Jenna Lovell

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