Important rules

First of all

Be nice. You’re all here to support each other so please keep anything you post on this website polite and kind.

Ew, regret what you just said? Wish you could take it back? Stop and think about any content before you post of send.

No bullying.

Don’t give medical advice. We’re all different so what works for you, might not work for someone else. If you do give medical advice and something goes wrong, you can get in a lot of trouble.

Let us know if something is wrong or if something offends you – use the misuse button.

All posts come through to HFA for approval before they are placed on the website. HFA may choose not to place a post on the website, or remove a post that is already there, if we think it’s inappropriate.


Keep your password secure at all times – don’t share it with anyone, not even your nanna.

If HFA thinks your behaviour on this website is inappropriate we will cancel your account. This might happen if you bully other members or post comments, stories or videos that HFA deems unsuitable.

Check out the eSafety website for tips on internet safety.

Legal Stuff – Terms and conditions

What is this web site for? has been created by Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) to provide information to young Australians aged 13 to 30 about bleeding disorders.

What do you agree to when you use the web site?

The information on this page explains what this web site is for and how you agree to use it. There will be other pages on this web site that have more rules (“terms and conditions”) and agreements on how to use those pages. HFA has the right to change any of the rules or agreements on these pages at any time.

If you continue to use this web site, you are agreeing that you accept all these terms and conditions. If you don’t want to follow the terms and conditions, you should not use the web site.

HFA is not liable (legally responsible) to you or anyone else for loss or damage of any kind because you have used this web site or a web site linked to Read this page carefully and make sure you use this web site responsibly.

Medical advice

The information on the Factored In web site is meant to help you learn about bleeding disorders and understand what other people’s experiences have been like.

This web site does not give medical advice...

It is not meant to be used instead of getting medical advice, or getting symptoms checked, or treatment from a qualified health care professional. Everybody is different and your doctor, nurse, physio etc will give you medical advice or treatment that is tailored to you and your specific situation.

If you see something on the Factored In web site that you think is relevant to you, discuss it with a qualified health care professional, like a haematologist (specialist doctor), haemophilia nurse, physiotherapist or social worker or counsellor. Never ignore what your health care professional tells you or delay getting help from them because of something you have read on this web site.

Always check the dose of a treatment product (how much to take) and when to take it with your doctor or the Haemophilia Centre.

Advertising and financial disclosure policy

The Factored In website does not host external advertising for the commercial gain of other organisations or individuals, or promote their commercial interests.

If Factored In educational resources or web pages have been funded through an education grant from a commercial entity, such as a pharmaceutical company, this is acknowledged in a statement on the resource or web page.

How accurate and up-to-date is the information?

We will try to make sure that the information on this web site is accurate and up-to-date, but HFA cannot guarantee that the information is always accurate, reliable and kept up-to-date, or that it covers all the issues.

Before you act on anything you read on this web site, you should always discuss it first with a qualified health professional and get advice that is specific to you and your situation. If you make your own judgement about the information and choose to rely on it without checking with a qualified health professional, it is entirely at your own risk.

Neither HFA nor any other person or organisation who contributed information to this web site is responsible in any way for damage that might occur through using this web site or the information on it.

How safe is this web site?

HFA makes an effort to keep this web site free of viruses and other problems such as worms or Trojan horses, but as you know, web site hacking is a constant problem.

You will need to make sure you have an up-to-date security program to check this web site for viruses etc that might interfere with or damage your computer and its operating system, as you would with other web sites.

HFA is not liable (legally responsible) to you or anyone else if your or their computer system is interfered with or damaged because you have used this web site or a web site linked to It is your responsibility to protect your computer system using the standard world’s best practice security protection.


Your privacy, and the privacy of others, is important to us. HFA is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy – and the privacy of other visitors to this website – at all times. If you upload or post anything that identifies another person we will not publish this until we receive consent from them, or you remove anything that makes them identifiable.

The Factored In Privacy Policy accords with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and follows the National Privacy Principles. It also sets out the information that may be collected by HFA and how we protect that information.  Using this website shows agreement with this policy.


All content and material including information, photographs, videos, graphics, personal stories, comments, music, sound recordings, web site architecture and coding, and other material on this web site is copyrighted to HFA and/or the authors or creators, or other people or agencies as you will see in the credits. It is protected by Australian and international Copyright law.

Who owns the stories, comments, photos, videos?

The personal stories, comments, photos, videos and other web publications on the Factored In web site are the property of the person who wrote or made them (unless there is a different agreement eg, for a competition). Any content you post to the site will remain “yours” – the intellectual property rights remain with you. BUT you must not upload another person’s original information.  If you upload any content to this website you grant HFA a non-exclusive free licence to reproduce the content on this website and also in HFA’s other publications, such as the HFA web site, National Haemophilia, the annual report and other reports and publications.

What does this mean?

This means that you can view, download, print or copy the content on this web site for your own personal use, but not for commercial use (eg, to make money from it, or using it in a way that can be seen as “in the course of business”).

If you use this web site, you agree to follow the copyright restrictions on the content and material on this web site.

You are not permitted to do any of the following to the content or material from this web site without from written permission from the person or agency that owns them (eg, author/creator, HFA),  or unless the copyright restrictions allow it:

  • modify (change) it
  • create works that copy or imitate this content or material
  • publish or reproduce it
  • transmit, send or distribute it
  • transfer,  sell or commercialise it
  • perform or display it.

So, for example, you are not permitted to copy other people’s personal stories, images or videos from the Factored In web site and put them in your magazine, web site, video or publish them to YouTube etc, unless you have permission to, or unless, for example, the image is copyright free.

How do you get permission?

If you want to reuse any of the content or material from this web site, you will need written permission.  Contact us for more information or to ask for permission.

Personal stories, comments, photos, videos
If it’s your story, comments, photos, video

If you agree to publish your personal story or upload your comments, photo, video or other web publication to the Factored In web site, you will be asked to agree to certain terms or conditions before they can be published. These include:

  • That you have permission to use any music or images that you did not make yourself and have included in your story, photo, video or web publication
  • That you give HFA’s permission to republish your story, comments, photo, video or web publication in HFA’s other publications, such as the HFA web site, National Haemophilia, the annual report and other reports and publications
  • That if you have mentioned or showed anyone else in a way that is identifying, you have their written/video permission to be published on the web site and other publications and you have arranged for their permission to be sent/emailed to HFA
  • If you are under 18, and your story, video, photo or web publication identifies you,  that you have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to publish it and you have arranged for their permission to be sent/emailed to HFA.

You may need to agree to more terms and conditions for competitions.

Trade marks and logos

This web site has logos, trade names and trade marks belonging to HFA and other agencies that are protected by Australian and international law.

If you use HFA (or Factored In) logos, trade names or trade marks to refer to HFA products, activities or services, you must state clearly that the logo/trade name/or trade mark belongs to HFA.

You must not use the HFA (or Factored in) logos/trade names/trade marks:

  • as part of your organisation’s logo/trade name/trade mark
  • or in a way that misleads people
  • or to connect the logo/trade name/trade mark to products, activities or services that are not offered by HFA.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for anything you post or upload on this web site, or which is posted or uploaded by someone else using your user name or password.

This means you also agree to:

  • Think carefully before you upload or post something and be sure you want it to be published (yes! It can be googled and everyone can read it)
  • Not make comments or uploads that are offensive, unlawful, untrue, or embarrassing to someone else – remember, defamation is illegal
  • Keep your password and username safe and not share it with anyone
  • Check your uploads for viruses etc before you upload them.

HFA is not liable (legally responsible) for any damage, loss or costs you have or if people make legal claims against you because of posts or uploads on this web site that are made under your name or with your username and password.

Whose opinion is it?

The Factored In web site is a forum where young people affected by bleeding disorders can talk over their thoughts about life and living with a bleeding disorder. There may also be remarks or notes by HFA, health professionals (doctors, nurses, physios, social workers), other experts and community members.

The views of people on this web site are their individual opinions, unless they say they are representing their organisation’s views. They are not necessarily the views of HFA (or anyone else) – sometimes we might have something quite different to say!
If you are upset,  worried or offended by something on this web site, let us know – use the misuse button.

Linked web sites

The Factored In web site has links to other web sites that belong to other organisations or people.

HFA is not responsible for web site links working, for the other web sites to be working, or for what is said or done on other web sites. We don’t necessarily agree with their information or opinions.

Let us know if our link is broken. If you are having trouble with the web site we have linked to, contact the webmaster of that site.

What laws apply to this web site?

The meaning of this “terms and conditions” agreement will be decided according to the laws of Victoria, Australia. By using this web site you agree that if there is any legal action to enforce this agreement, it will take place in the federal or state courts located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact us.

Date last reviewed: 05/06/2017