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HFA works with local haemophilia Foundations to develop a series of leadership and mentoring training programs.

The Youth Leadership and Mentoring Program was started in 2003 by a group of young people and HFA.

The vision of the program is:
For young people with haemophilia or a related bleeding disorder and their siblings to develop skills and confidence to make positive choices for the management of their health, care, recreation and personal relationships so that they can lead independent, active and fulfilling lives and participate actively in the bleeding disorders community.

The new youth program is a result of the Beyond Prophylaxis project which was developed from a needs assessment that was conducted in 2012.

The Leadership and Mentoring program looks at ways for young people affected by bleeding disorders to communicate with each other, share experiences and learn life skills

  • Factored In

  • Youth Lead Connect

  • Youth project & needs assesment
    (beyond prophylaxis)




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Date last reviewed: 20/11/2015