HFA Video Challenge

Wed 24 Aug 2022

Grab a fact. Record a video. Make a difference.
Our bleeding disorders community is made up of many faces – and we want to see yours! Grab a fact, make a video about it, and help raise awareness for bleeding disorders. Australian submissions received by 31 October 2022 could win a $50 voucher – there are a few up for grabs.

What’s the challenge?

  1. Grab a fact (as few or as many as you like) from
  2. Record a video (max. 10 minutes) about the bleeding disorder fact
  3. Share the video online with #whatisableedingdisorder and tag #haemophilia_au

Here's Natashia's daughter, Giselle, to explain:


Please note: competition entries have been extended to 31 October 2022.

Who should join in?
Anyone! It helps if you’re familiar with tiktok or instagram reels, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. We encourage everyone in our community to join in – people with bleeding disorders, siblings, cousins, family and friends.

What's the best part?
Australian entries received by midnight AEST 31 October 2022 will be added to our judging pool, with the winning video creators receiving a $50 gift voucher.

Winners will be announced on the HFA website and social channels. If you are under 18 years of age you will need consent from a parent or guardian to accept your prize.
Competition Rules
To be eligible for a prize, you must follow the below criteria:
  • Provide the information from at least one fact listed on the What is a Bleeding Disorder poster
  • Do not use or show any medicine brand names, eg Hemlibra, Alprolix, Adynovate, BeneFIX, Biostate etc
  • Do not mention by name any other people, or your HTC, or where you live
  • Post the video or send us the link by midnight AEST 31 October 2022
  • Be an Australian citizen or currently living in Australia
Where can I post it?
Anywhere! TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – if you’re worried we’ve missed seeing your video feel free to send us a DM or email with the link. 

I need some inspiration!
You can be informative, fun, make up an interpretive dance – whatever you like.

Can I send you my video directly?
Absolutely. Simply upload it to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive and send us the link to access it. 

Can I join in but remain anonymous?
Yes. Feel free to reach out to HFA directly on and we’ll support you to create and share your video anonymously.

Will you share my video on your website and/or social page/s?
We’d love to share videos from our community! If we are keen to share your video, we’ll be in touch to ask your permission first.

Can I let others know about the competition?
Yes, please! You can share this page, share our social posts and display this competition flyer in your workplace.
Want more information? 
Reach out to Natashia on or call/text 0403 538 109.

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