Youth News - March 2017

Tue 28 Mar 2017

The highlight of the training weekend for me was…..

“Having a group who started the weekend not knowing what would happen, and who over just 2 short days have been able to look inside themselves and realise how much potential they have. And now this group of young people will be able to give back to the community and hopefully inspire the next generation of leaders within the community.”

“Meeting new people from other states and getting to know them especially their ideas and what they do in their community. The information helped to broaden my mind and reinforced my knowledge about leadership and mentoring.”

“Meeting other leaders from around Australia and hearing the stories that they want to share.”

“The main highlight for me was the REACH program that was organised for us. This was the in-depth relaxation and deep thoughts about ourselves, the way we connect spiritually, emotionally and physically with not only ourselves but with the rest of the group. The whole weekend was spectacular, and I enjoyed the company of all the beautiful people that attended, but by far this experience was my highlight. The exercise really opened up to me and made me look back at the progress in my life that I have uncovered, achieved and made me think about how I have got to where I am today.”

"Meeting new people from the youth community and learning and sharing with them the ways they can become leaders in the community."


One thing I learnt from the weekend was….

“Anyone and everyone can be involved. You don't have to think you’re a leader to be a leader. Just by leading by example you have a positive impact on others. And also that we are never alone. There is a large mixed community of people who are all dealing with the same things, while trying to live their own lives, but who all have valuable experiences which they can share.”

“There are many people who are really available to help and many other who are determined to create and offer support.”

“It doesn’t matter how you see yourself, someone else will see something awesome.”

“It’s not impossible to be a leader, sometimes you just have to speak up. Other times you just have to help”

“One small act of kindness can in someone’s eyes make you a leader when you think you might not be”

“Sharing and caring is what I learned the most. It’s really important for us each to share our story and encourage younger people in the community to also share their story.”

 “The hardest part of working to help others is allowing them to see your vulnerability and authenticity which builds trust and confidence.”

“… how to be a mentor and what it takes to do it. The individual skills involved being a mentor were taught all across the weekend and how to become better leaders. I thought of it as instead of being a boss, telling individuals what to do, it was a way in which we can show the path to the younger generation to become better members of the organisation. This is where we have boundaries, limitations, objectives and ways to connect with the youth. All in all the weekend was jam packed with knowledge, ideas, skills and means to go about being better leaders in our community.
Becoming a better leader and how to mentor the younger kids in our own community was the one big thing I have learnt this weekend.”




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