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Are there online apps for treatment diaries?

Question: Is there a way in which people can keep their treatment diary online? This would be easier for carers and patients and would also make people’s records easily available to researchers, treating doctors etc. How about an app?

Good question! HFA and AHCDO (the organisation for the specialist doctors who run Haemophilia Centres in Australia) and the National Blood Authority (the part of the Australian Government that organises treatment product for bleeding disorders) are working on a national online system as we speak.

The aim is for this system to have an app so that anyone using a treatment product can enter all their own treatment details. We hope this will be finished and available this year.

However, there are also other online systems with apps – talk to your Haemophilia Centre for more information about this.

Answered by: Haemophilia Foundation Australia

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Date last reviewed: 29/01/2013