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Needle issues...anyone got some ideas?

Hey, guys I just wanted to share this and hopefully get some advice. Have you been in this situation?

Having Haemophilia is a new experience in my life. I only found out a few years ago. I have had lots of surgery for different stuff and in recent years I've had a LOT of surgery.

I thought i could deal with things before but now Haemophilia makes things complicated. There's the additional care i need, but my main problem is the NEEDLES.

I don't have good veins and so the IV access is difficult and painful and so i get anxious about it before it even happens! I don't deal well with it anymore. Last time, they put in a PICC line after I'd been asking for it, but they did this on the last day of my hospital stay, so I had to endure more needles beforehand.

I'd like to know how I might communicate better with treating staff, so they can find a way to treat me that isn't so painful. It seems like my concerns sometimes aren't noticed.

Answered by: Anonymous Member

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Date last reviewed: 10/07/2012