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Can haemophilia be cured?

A cure for haemophilia has yet to be found, although current research is encouraging. Most research for a cure is based around gene therapy. Gene t...... read more

Big bouncy vein problems?

Large veins can sometimes be deceptively hard to cannulate, it may be because the vein 'rolls' and the needle therefore misses. Sometimes i...... read more

What are our ‘levels’ and how do they affect us? I have haemophilia B (factor IX deficiency).

 Factor IX ‘levels’ is the amount of factor IX we have in our blood. The number is usually given as a percentage. Normal levels ra...... read more

What makes our levels rise and fall? I have haemophilia B (factor IX deficiency).

If they continue to rise, and IF BY some miracle they reach 100% does that mean that my Haemophilia will be cured?”Your level of factor IX in...... read more

Do Vitamin tablets help strengthen our joints?

Question: Do Vitamin tablets/fish oil tablets, fish/tuna in general help strengthen our joints, which may or may not help our joints in regards to ...... read more

What is the difference between haemophilia A and B?

Question: Is there a major difference between hemophilia A and hemophilia B or is it slight and what is the difference?The differences between haem...... read more

Should I tell other people about my haemophilia?

Question: I have yet to tell people about my haemophilia because they already tease me enough as it is. So should I tell them or not because I don&...... read more

Are there online apps for treatment diaries?

Question: Is there a way in which people can keep their treatment diary online? Good question! You may have heard of the MyABDR app. This app...... read more

Vein resistance when injecting treatment product

When the needle starts to enter the skin it gets more resistant almost half way through. Could that be angle or?Answer: This is not an easy questi...... read more

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