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What are the risks involved with playing rougher sports?

I am considering a rougher sport like rugby or Australian Rules, despite the risks. What do I need to know to manage these risks, and what injuries...... read more

What sports do you think I should play?

There are many benefits from sports for children and young people with bleeding disorders. An important reason to be physically active is that it w...... read more

Can young people with haemophilia go on to elite levels with their sports?

The short answer is YES. Usually.  But there are a few questions to answer beforehand:Will the sport you are playing progress into a contact s...... read more

What are the risks with sport for teenagers with haemophilia?

Growth spurts are a particularly risky time for teenagers. Common ages for growth spurts are around 13-14 years for girls and around 15-17 years ol...... read more

Is sport good for teenagers with haemophilia?

“Yes!.... BUT ... ” – there’s the typical answer from your parents or your Haemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) team. So wha...... read more

What can you use for joint support?

Most joint support devices will offer only limited extra joint support (at best).  Having enough muscle stability and strength should be all ...... read more

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