New haemophilia therapies

New treatments for haemophilia are now in development and becoming available.

Some of these new treatments can mean less infusions, or that the treatment product is injected into a muscle instead of into a vein. This includes:
  • new types of extended half-life (EHL) therapies
  • non-factor therapies
  • and gene therapies for haemophilia.
Watch the webinar from Dr Liane Khoo and Dr Sally Campbell, who give simple and clear explanations about how the new treatments work, who they are for and what would be different to other treatment for people with haemophilia. Dr Khoo also explains how non-factor replacement therapies can be used for treating people with inhibitors.

Read the summary of the webinar and the Q&A.

Gene therapy for haemophilia

It is an exciting time in gene therapy for haemophilia. For a long time gene therapy has been talked about as a potential ‘cure’ for haemophilia and now there are advanced experimental clinical trials that are showing successful results.

There are many questions - How does it work? Is it really a cure? Who is gene therapy for? What is involved in the clinical trials?

Read more about gene therapy for answers to these and other questions

More info

For more information about these new therapies, talk to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre.
Date last reviewed: January 2023