Sources & reviewers


  • Egan, Brendan. Boys will be boys: a guide to sports participation for people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Melbourne: Royal Children’s Hospital, 2005. Not available online – ask HFA or your Haemophilia Centre for a copy of the book.
  • Young Bloods (The Haemophilia Society, UK). Play it safe with sports


This information was reviewed by Sharon Hawkins from Australia/New Zealand Haemophilia Social Workers’ and Counsellors’ Group, Anne Jackson, Grainne Dunne and Andrew Atkins from Australian Haemophilia Nurses’ Group, Emma Paterson from Australian and New Zealand Physiotherapy Haemophilia Group, Dr Simon McRae from Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation, and bleeding disorder community representatives from the HFA Youth Working Group.

Date last reviewed: 22/06/2012