Signs & symptoms of haemophilia

As you grow you will learn to recognise when bleeding may be occurring. Even before pain or swelling becomes obvious you may recognise a “funny feeling” which is one of the earliest signs of a joint bleed. Signs and symptoms include:

Signs for boys and girls:

  • bruising easily
  • having more painful swelling and bruising than you would expect after an injury, e.g. falling off your bike, car accident, football injury
  • bleeding for longer with wounds or after surgery, dental or medical procedures that pierce the skin or mucous membrane
  • nose bleeds that don’t stop like you would expect them to. 

For girls and women:

  • Heavy and/or long menstrual periods
  • Heavy bleeding for an extended time in the weeks after childbirth.Mild: May only have problems after injuries or accidents or after dental/medical procedures and surgery
Severe Haemophilia: Might have a bleed once or twice a week and bleeds can be for no obvious reason (spontaneous bleeds).
Date last reviewed: 21/06/2012