Preparing for work

Once you’ve gained employment in a particular field it’s a good idea to have a chat to your Haemophilia Centre about it before your first day on the job – they may think of things you haven’t. For example…

  • Do you need specialised equipment or work wear?
  • Is there anywhere to store treatment at work?
  • Is there a private place at work where you can administer your own treatment if the need arises?
  • Are there first aid officers at work and do they know about bleeding disorders?
  • If there are first aid officers, do you want them to treat you or call your emergency contacts? Or something else?
  • Have you tailored your prophylaxis or treatment regime to ensure the best cover so you can meet the demands of the job?
  • Have you thought about how you will respond if other staff ask you questions about your bleeding disorder?
  • How far away from a hospital are you if you need immediate treatment?
  • If you work at a desk, you could consider getting an OH&S assessment or advice from your physio on the best methods to prevent injury and cope with bleeds while sitting for long periods (especially in joints which you might not be able to straighten/extend limbs)
  • In some industries you may have lee-way to negotiate your contract, so asking for additional sick leave as part of a package might be a possibility
  • Consider carrying a treatment centre ID card in your wallet and wearing a medical alert bracelet to work.

Date last reviewed: 18/04/2013