Sex and intimacy

Talking about sex, intimacy and relationships doesn’t have to be awkward. 

At our recent conference experts joined us to give tips on managing those intimate conversations with a partner or asking your doctor or nurse questions about sex.

And then they answered community questions in a lively and open discussion about sex and relationships if you have a bleeding disorder. It's not all about having babies! (although it is sometimes)

Awkward conversations - talking about sex and intimacy

Watch the presentation by Simone Sheridan, Sexual Health Nurse Consultant.  


Watch A/Prof Chris Barnes (HTC Director), Simone Sheridan (sexual health nurse consultant), Alex Coombs (haemophilia social worker), Scott Russell (haemophilia physiotherapist) and Penny McCarthy (haemophilia nurse) answer questions from the audience in this frank discussion about sex and bleeding disorders. From bleeds to positions to talking to a new partner - nothing is off-limits!

Looking for more information?

WFH has an excellent series of videos looking at common questions about sex and intimacy if you have a bleeding disorder.

Ask me anything: intimacy and bleeding disorderS (WFH)

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The UK Haemophilia Society's booklet focuses on sexual health and wellbeing for young adults.

Sex and bleeding disorders (The Haemophilia Society, UK)
Date last reviewed: 18 August 2022