When to treat

In Australia the usual treatment for most children and young people with severe haemophilia is prophylaxis, where factor concentrate or other new treatment products are injected regularly to prevent bleeding episodes that are 'spontaneous' or occur without an obvious cause.

Most people with haemophilia will need treatment for injuries apart from minor cuts and scratches or if they are going to have surgery or a dental or medical procedure.

People with moderate or mild haemophilia will not need prophylaxis and will only need treatment for a bleed when it occurs, usually after an accident or injury, or when they are preparing for surgery, having medical procedures, like getting skin growths removed, or going to the dentist for some dental work- like getting wisdom teeth taken out.

You may find it helpful to talk to your local Haemophilia Treatment Centre. They can help you learn how to recognise a bleed and deal with it quickly.
Date last reviewed: 21/06/2012