Transitioning from health services

Transitioning from a paediatric health service to an adult health service

Even though you might have been coming to the same hospital your whole life, there will come a time when you have to move on to an adult hospital. Paediatric (child) health services or hospitals are not designed to look after adults. Children’s hospitals are made for younger and smaller people and usually only care for those up to the age of 18. But it is very important that you keep up a good relationship with your Haemophilia Centre because you might need ongoing health care in the future. They also help address small problems, hopefully keeping you well and active. This is where transitioning to an adult health care service comes in.

Transitioning from a familiar paediatric health service to an adult health service might seem daunting or a bit overwhelming, but in order to overcome this and ensure everything runs smoothly, all it takes is a bit of planning and preparation!

Date last reviewed: 11/07/2018